AMT Metal Roofing is a metal roofing company that provides supply & installation services of metal roofing in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We specialize in high-quality metal roofing systems for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

We use the most durable metal tiles and standing seam metal roofing panels, providing your building with a roof that will stand up against harsh Alberta weather. Our team of in-house installers are experts in what they do, so you can rest assured that your building will be protected for life.

Contact us today to find the metal roof in Edmonton that works best for you!

Our experts are happy to provide you with a free quote and consultation. Plus, we’ll show you exactly how much you can save on insurance, utility bills, and replacement costs with a gorgeous metal roof from AMT Metal Roofing.

    50 Year Warranty


    At AMT Metal Roofing in Edmonton we use the highest quality materials to cover residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural roofs. Our metal roofing systems are designed to withstand the toughest degree of stress, all while improving energy-efficiency and increasing curb-appeal. Metal roofing is the best solution for any residential or commercial roofing project in Edmonton, providing your building with superior protection and outstanding performance.

    AMT Metal Roofing guarantees 100% customer satisfaction of our high-quality metal roofing products and services.

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    Metal Roofing Project

    When disaster strikes, you can rest easy knowing your home or commercial building is protected.

    Metal roofs provide excellent heat reflection, improving the overall energy efficiency of your home and saving you money.

    Unlike other roofing products, such as asphalt shingles, metal tiles and standing seam metal roofing systems are maintenance free.

    Investing in a metal roofing system for your home will not only improve curb-appeal but also increase resale value.

    AMT Metal Roofing uses materials that are 100% recyclable and last forever, reducing waste.

    Our Projects


    We build saunas and log houses,Amt has provided us with fantastic materials, European quality and hard to get hands on. Very reliable and honest!
    relevo saunas
    03:10 12 Sep 21
    After carefully evaluating different options , we selected ATM to install a new metal roof and replaced the older cedar roof. We couldn't be happier with choice. Our new roof looks great in style and our house looks more beautiful. Tony, the manager is very knowledgeable and responsive to answer all of our questions. The installation went smoothly and ahead of the schedule. The entire installation team showed very high level of experience and great professionalism. They were very polite, organized and cleaned up thoroughly each day and after the final project. We are very happy with AMT's work and would recommend to anyone who need a durable and beautiful new roof !
    Jacqueline Shan
    22:43 14 Jul 21
    I am very please with the installation of my new metal roof. The guys were very polite and professional. I never had a company that cleaned so very well after each day they were here. Thank you so much to every guys that were here to work.
    Denyse Prieur
    22:11 12 Jun 21
    I was tired of dealing with shingles blowing off so I had made my mind up to go with metal. I contacted several roofing companies for estimates to repair my roof after wind damaged my asphalt roofing. We chose AMT because we liked their product and they were cost competitive. Metal roofing is not cheap but it is a long.... term solution. We will never have to re-roof or repair our roof for as long as we live. Tony was very professional and provided a clear estimate and explained the process well. The crew was respectful and cleaned up well after the project. I am very pleased. Thanks Tony and the whole gang. Well done
    Reginald Bruce
    14:46 20 May 21
    Great management. I got to speak with them and they were able to answer every question I had, and didn't have. Incredibly knowledgeable about their craft.
    Robert McInnis
    00:48 05 Apr 21
    Tony Brodeskur was such a great help educating us on our new metal roofing, the quality of AMT installers and the product, prices and warranty. From date of deposit to the date of install was incredibly fast. The AMT installers were extremely efficient, professional, courteous and organized. After completion, the crew cleaned up our yard, just like they were never there except I now have an amazing looking, high quality roof. I would refer AMT to anyone if they need a roof. Thank you Tony and the whole crew for your services.
    Woodrat pederson
    23:37 17 Mar 21
    Just got a new AMT metal roof installed on our house and couldn't be happier. Roof looks great the crew that did it worked quickly and professionally. Tony was super quick with the quote and great at keeping us informed and up to date on the schedule.
    Aaron Rhodes
    00:40 07 Feb 21
    AMT Roofing is highly professional and reliable company to deal with. The whole project went smoothly and I couldn't be happier with the end result. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a metal roof.
    Nick Ambrose
    18:06 19 Jan 21
    Excellent and very professional service from both Tony the Manager and his installer.Would totally recommend this Company.
    John Bradsell
    13:06 21 Sep 20
    Great company to deal with. The whole project went very smoothly. The crew were so professional and polite. They worked hard on all the details and the end result was stunning.Highly recommend!!
    john guo
    23:31 12 Sep 20
    Amazing product. Tony was exceptional, taking time to explain the product and to keep in touch. Benjamin and his crew were on time and efficient. This was a huge investment but, well worth it. I never need to worry about my roof again and my small bungalow really stands out in the neighborhood. I would recommend this company and the product to anyone.
    Sue Hanson
    18:06 12 Sep 20
    We had a favorable impression of AMT Metal Roofing from the get-go. Tony Brodeskur (ATM) was the first answer our request for a quote and came in with a favorable price. They were swift to come and inspect this sizable job, about 27,000 sq. ft of metal roof replacement, and started with the work immediately. Everything was completed as promised. This company is very professional in every aspect. The crew was working with great pride and did a commendable and complete job considering the many dormers we have on the hotel. They showed respect for our operation and always left the workplace clean. Thank you, Tony, Ben and crew, for a job well done – it was a very pleasant experience – we are happy to recommend AMT Roofing to anyone and for any job, large or small.
    Andre Schwarz
    18:43 20 Jul 20
    Roof installation has been made very quickly and professionally. I think that is one of the best roof installation company in Canada. Ben and Jason showed extremely high level of experience. Good team players. Keep up the great work!
    Max Lievikoff
    19:27 22 Jun 20
    Very professional and exceeded expectations, very happy with our roof!
    Chris Everitt
    14:43 18 May 20
    Best roofing contractors in Alberta. Guys did excellent work! Thanks.
    Oleksandr Nayavko
    04:48 30 Nov 19
    Provided professional, reliable, friendly service.
    Agnesa Lednicka
    23:51 04 Nov 19
    Very happy with AMT and service they provided. Product consultant took time to explain their product and provided a very competitive price. Installers were professional and neat. Love my new roof.
    Bob Harris
    16:10 23 Oct 19
    Very happy with a job these guys did for me. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Definitely a great company to use if you are thinking of getting a metal roof.
    Damian Firman
    16:30 27 Sep 19
    I own a 1950's home with an old style metal roof. It was a challenge to find a company that could/would install snow breakers in the Edmonton area. After getting a couple of quotes, I went with AMT and am thrilled with the service from start to finish. I spoke with Vlad early on a Monday morning, he did a site visit later that morning and then I received an electronic quote later that same day. The job was completed by Wednesday afternoon of that same week. Great work/service in an incredibly short period of time. I highly recommend AMT Roofing.
    Darryl Sutherland
    17:54 30 Aug 19
    AMR wasn't the cheapest company that I got quotes from, but I'm glad I trusted them for this project. Spend the extra money if you have to, you'll thank me.They spent 11 days at my house making it perfect and clearly went above and beyond on several items that were out of scope that they could have billed me for but just did it anyway. I couldn't be more pleased.Tony, the project manager/ estimator was super personable, extremely responsive and put me at ease with every concern I had.
    Jonathan Sturgeon
    01:16 23 Aug 19
    After getting several quotes for metal roofs I decided to go with AMT. These guys were impressive from the day they provided an estimate till the post-installation final inspection. Very reasonable pricing and superior product quality.
    Peter F
    21:53 08 Aug 19
    These guys really deserve the 5 Star rating. The work is top notch, everyone I have dealt with has been extremely professional, and they are very honest with their pricing. Tony the sales guy was great to deal with answered all our questions and even got our eves-troughs done at the same time. I can't remember the name of the foreman that came to do the work but the entire crew was very well run. They cleaned up after themselves so well that if they didn't leaves signs and a new roof you wouldn't have even known they were there.
    Justin House
    17:48 28 Jun 19
    I am very glad that I chose AMT for my roofing contractor. Very professional guys that made whole process easy and painless.
    Jason Worowski
    19:00 13 Jun 19
    Very happy with our new roof, the whole process from start to finish was pleasant
    Kenneth Jackson
    17:47 29 May 19
    Amazing service and prices!! Listen to your need and accommodation!Best company in the aria!!
    Ello Blesk
    02:18 12 May 19
    Ready to get started on your project? Contact us today for a free consultation and an estimate. We are always ready to help you with your project!

    Metal Tiles

    Our metal roofing tiles have a multi-layer design that gives them the advantage in terms of longevity and durability.

    We offer two metal roofing tile profiles: Monterrey and Adamante.

    The Monterrey tile is our most popular option, as it has a low profile that closely resembles the look of a clay tile.

    The Adamante tile is an available custom option that is sure to highlight your home’s unique beauty and elegance.

    Monterrey metal roofing tile style
    Adamante metal roofing tile style

    Available Colours

    Metal Tile Colour - Black
    Metal Tile Colour - Red
    Metal Tile Colour - Grey
    Metal Tile Colour - Terracotta
    Metal Tile Colour - Brown

    * More colours are available upon request

    Standing Seam

    Standing seam metal roofing system is ideal for low-slope roofs or for anyone looking for a sleek and modern look to their residential, commercial, or agricultural buildings. These panels are rolled on site and therefore have no horizontal seams, which prevents any possible leak.

    The Standing Seam panels are designed with two different locking mechanisms.

    • The self-locking panels are joined together without the need for mechanical seaming.
    • The mechanical-locking profile panels are joined with a seamer, creating either a single or double lock, and are fastened to a roof deck with hidden clips.

    There are no exposed fasteners in a standing seam metal roofing system, which creates a more durable and long-lasting roof.

    ML100D self-locking standing seam
    ML150S standing seam single folded

    Available Colours

    Antique Linen
    Antique Linen
    Bone White
    Bone White
    Briarwood Tan
    Briarwood Tan
    Bright Red
    Bright Red

    * More colours are available upon request

    Recent Projects

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    100 3
    Mocha Brown Monterrey metal tiles.
Call us for a free estimate or visit our website - for more information.
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    Mocha Brown Monterrey metal tiles.
    Call us for a free estimate or visit our website - for more information.
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    21 0
    Terracotta Monterrey Metal Roof looks great on this lakefront house in Newcastle, another happy customer! 
Call us for a free estimate or visit our website for more information.
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    Terracotta Monterrey Metal Roof looks great on this lakefront house in Newcastle, another happy customer!
    Call us for a free estimate or visit our website for more information.
    #metalroof #steelroofing #steelroof #metalroofing #roofing #yeg #metaltile #metaltiles #metalroofspecialist #ssab #ruukki #metalroofingspecialists #metalroofer #customhomes #voestalpine #ontario #yyz

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    About AMT Metal Roofing

    About AMT Roofing

    AMT Metal Roofing is a roofing company that provides metal roofing systems for Edmonton residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

    A durable high-quality roofing system does more than protects your home or business from the weather elements – it also saves you money in the long term and improves the aesthetics of the structure overall. At AMT Metal Roofing, we are committed to providing a stress-free experience for our clients so that you can find a roof that you will love for as long as it lasts.

    Our team has the experience and knowledge that our clients depend on to get each roof completed in a professional, timely and budget-friendly manner. With AMT Metal Roofing Edmonton, you can expect style, strength, and peace of mind.

    Metal Roofing for Residential Buildings

    Residential metal roofing in Edmonton, AB

    AMT Metal Roofing Edmonton provides metal roofing systems to give a clean and elegant look to any residential building. Our unique metal roofing systems also protect your home from damage caused by harsh elements and inclement weather and save you money in the long run.

    Permanent, tough, and timeless – an AMT metal roof is guaranteed to last.

    Metal Roofing for Commercial & Industrial

    Commercial metal roofing

    AMT Metal Roofing Edmonton provides superior roofing solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

    We offer several roofing materials for installing commercial roofs such as metal tile systems, standing seam, and metal panels. You can be sure that you are investing in a metal roofing system that will last.

    Metal Roofing for Agricultural Buildings

    Barn metal roofing

    AMT Metal roofing is among the top choices for supply and installation of metal roofing in Edmonton.

    We offer the most durable metal roofing systems for agricultural buildings that will save you money on insurance, heating/cooling, and maintenance.

    What You Get


    Trust in the security of a fully transferable lifetime warranty offered on all AMT Metal Roofing products.

    Fire And
    Hail Resistant

    When disaster strikes, rest easy knowing your home or commercial building is protected.


    Never waste time on maintaining, repairing, and replacing asphalt shingles again.


    Sell your home for more money with a roof that looks better and lasts longer.

    Reduces Your
    Insurance Rates

    Resilient metal tiles offer protection that allows you to save money on premiums.


    AMT Metal Roofing uses materials that are 100% recyclable and last forever, reducing waste.