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Residential Metal Roofing Edmonton2024-04-16T04:44:03+00:00

Residential Roofing Edmonton

Standing seam & metal tiles roofing systems for residential properties

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Metal Roofing Experts for Residential Roofing Projects in Edmonton

AMT Metal Roofing is a roofing company that offers exceptional residential metal roofing in Edmonton. Our metal roofs come with a non-prorated 40-50 Year Warranty, meaning that this metal roof will be the last roof you’ll ever need to install again on your house.

Many homeowners in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Leduc and other local cities have already switched to metal roofing. It’s no wonder why – the benefits of metal roofing are nearly endless. Compared to traditional asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing materials create longer lasting roofs with great curb appeal.

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Metal Roofing Materials

Metal Roofing Advantages

lifetime warranty


Trust in the security of a fully transferable lifetime warranty offered on all AMT Metal Roofing products.

fire and hail resistant


When disaster strikes, rest easy knowing your home or commercial building is protected.

maintenance free roofing


Never waste time on maintaining, repairing, and replacing your roof again.

value to your home


Sell your home for more money with a roof that looks better and lasts longer.

low insurance rates


Resilient metal roofs offer protection that allows you to save money on premiums.

environmentally friendly


AMT Metal Roofing uses materials that are 100% recyclable and last forever, reducing waste.

Why choose AMT Roofing?

AMT Metal Roofing is a full-service metal roofing company in Edmonton. We are committed to providing only the highest quality metal roofing supplies and services for any roofing project.

in business since 2009

In Business Since

trained in-house installers

Trained in-house

over 550 metal roofs installed

Over 550
Metal Roofs Installed

no leaks guaranteed

No Leaks

Metal roofing is a top-choice for residential roofing in Edmonton

AMT Metal Roofing has gained a good reputation for offering supply & installation services of high-performance metal roofing systems in Edmonton. AMT Metal Roofing has a team of experts in installation of metal roofing for residential properties. If you are looking for long lasting roofing solutions in Edmonton, AMT Metal Roofing got you covered.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we understand their unique needs. Our professional technicians work as team to ensure that our customers are served within the shortest time possible. Teamwork also helps us to combine efforts to deliver high quality services. Our specialists have years of experience, WCB-insured and are highly knowledgeable.

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metal roofing solutions


At AMT Metal Roofing we use only the highest quality metal roofing materials to build residential roofs. Our metal roofing systems are engineered to withstand the toughest degrees of stress, all while helping you save money and contributing to keeping our planet green. Metal roofing is the best solution for any roofing project.

How long will a metal roof last in comparison to other roofing materials?2022-06-15T17:38:50+00:00

Metal roofing is incredibly durable and is designed to outlast most other roofing systems. The average asphalt shingles roof is expected to last anywhere between 10 and 20 years. Exposure to harsh Canadian weather conditions can drastically impact the longevity of shingles. Rubber roofs have a longer expected life span than asphalt shingles, however, the durability is also heavily influenced by maintenance and exposure. Other higher end roofing materials, such as cedar shakes, have an expected life of 25-30 years.

Metal roofs, on the other hand, are a maintenance free alternative. You can expect to get anywhere between 40 and 60 years of exceptional performance, with the additional benefit of a 50 year warranty. Though the upfront cost of metal roofing is generally higher than most other materials, the longevity and durability of the product makes them a highly-cost effective investment.

Are metal roofs noisy when it rains?2022-09-16T02:06:36+00:00

The unique design of metal roofing paired with our professional installation process makes metal roofing systems almost as quiet as other roofing systems when it rains or hails. Our metal roofs are always installed on a roof deck that features an underlayment. Furthermore, your roof insulation acts as a sound barrier to keep your house quieter. These additional layers of materials between the roof and the rest of your home serve to reduce overall noise pollution (and improve energy efficiency, too).

Are metal roofs fire and hail resistant?2022-06-15T17:36:24+00:00

Yes! One of the greatest advantages of metal roofing systems is that they are fire and hail resistant. In fact, they feature the maximum value of hail resistance – UL Class 4 – as well as a Class A fire rating. Some insurance companies even offer reduced rates for homes with metal roofing because of the additional protection they provide against damage from fire or hail.

How much can I expect to pay for a metal roof?2022-10-06T16:52:52+00:00

The total cost for a metal roof depends on several factors, including the style you choose (metal tiles, standing seam, or metal shingles), size and complexity of your roof, and the roof pitch. AMT Metal Roofing provides high quality metal roofing systems and installation starting at $9.00 per square foot, with prices ranging up to $14.00 per square foot. All our metal roof systems come with a fully transferable warranty up to 50 years, so you can rest assured that your investment is completely protected.

Does a metal roof cost more than shingles roof?2022-06-15T17:35:54+00:00

Metal roofing is a premium product. As such, the initial cost of materials and installation is generally more expensive than other roofing systems. For example, metal roofing costs approximately 2-3 times as much as asphalt shingles. However, metal roofs also last significantly longer than asphalt shingles roofs do. Since metal roofs are maintenance free (and come with warranty coverage) as well as highly energy-efficient, you can expect long-term savings with your investment.

Can you install solar panels on a metal roof?2022-05-31T23:15:11+00:00

Yes, solar panels can be easily installed on metal roofs. There are several installation methods, including clips that do not require penetration of the metal panels.

Are metal roofs maintenance free?2022-06-15T17:35:32+00:00

Yes, metal roofs are a maintenance free roofing system. They are constructed with highly durable materials that stand up against even the harshest Alberta weather. Metal roofing lasts significantly longer than asphalt shingles, providing you with a product that will last a lifetime. Additionally, AMT Metal Roofing products are backed by a warranty program with up to 50 years of protection.

Does a metal roof fade?2022-05-31T23:16:17+00:00

AMT Metal Roofing is committed to providing the highest quality metal roofing materials and products. Our metal tiles, shingles, and standing seam panels feature high quality coatings that fight the effects of UV radiation and other causes of fading. However, it is important to understand that regardless of the materials used, some fading of the paint may be inevitable over time.

Will a metal roof rust?2022-05-31T23:16:47+00:00

Our steel has a protective coating applied during manufacturing before the final paint finish is applied. This process is called galvanization and features a protective coating of either zinc (galvanized) or zinc and aluminum (Galvalume). These coatings are designed to protect against oxidization, ensuring that your metal roofing system will stand up against the elements.

Why should I choose a metal roof?2022-06-15T17:35:02+00:00

Metal roofing systems provide a wide range of benefits, especially when compared to other traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. Metal roofing is highly durable and strong. You can usually expect anywhere between 50 and 60 years of use without the need for maintenance or replacement. Metal roofs are also designed to reduce the impacts of nature, including wind, rain, and hail. Because of their unique composition, they are also moisture resistant, ensuring that your home is protected from mold growth and damage from water exposure. Despite the greater initial investment, metal roofing systems will save you money over time with reduced energy costs and the elimination of maintenance and replacement costs.

Will metal roofing match my home’s aesthetic and the overall style of my neighbourhood?2022-05-31T23:18:03+00:00

AMT Metal Roofing has a wide range of metal roofing styles, colors, and finishes to flawlessly match any style or design requirements. From traditional to modern, you are guaranteed to find a roofing solution that checks off every box on your list!

Improve the integrity and efficiency of your building with a new metal roofing system from AMT Metal Roofing. Contact our team of experts today for a complimentary consultation and estimate for your roofing project.

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