Your roof comes into contact directly with the elements of weather more than any other part of the house. If your home is not shaded, your roof gets a lot of direct sunlight and will therefore impact your home’s temperature. If you want to cut utility costs, it is essential to have energy-efficient roofing in your home.

Here is where metal roofs come in. You have probably seen some installed in your local area and heard of benefits, one of which is energy efficiency. If you’re wondering whether this claim is valid or just an attempt to justify the high upfront cost of metal roofs, here is your answer; metal roofs are energy-efficient.

How are metal roofs energy-efficient?

The simplest explanation for metal roof efficiency lies in their ability to reflect the sun’s heat away from the building. While other materials like asphalt shingles will absorb most of this heat and increase indoor temperatures, metal roofs act like a giant mirror and reflect the heat leading to a minimal increase in indoor temperature.

The extent of metal roofing energy efficiency will be determined by how it is installed. Research shows that metal roofing attached with a batten or counter-batten system underneath for improved airflow exhibits a 45% decrease in heat flow.

Furthermore, ridge ventilation that comes standard with most metal roofing systems allows superior hot air exhaust compared to conventional roof vents. This will allow hot air to escape your roof attic through the ridge line and therefore avoid excessive condensation.

On the other hand, asphalt shingle roofs will trap heat from the sun and absorb it into the home. Sometimes, they can increase the indoor temperatures by up to 25 degrees Celsius.

The Cost

Generally, metal roofs cost two to three times more than shingles. On average, the cost of residential metal roofs in Canada was around $9.50 in 2019. Given that the average home’s roof size is about 2000 square feet, the price of a metal roof, including installation, was approximately $19,000.00.

Even though initial cost is quite high, once metal roof is professionally installed, it offers lots of benefits that will make your investment worth every dollar and more.

The Benefits of Metal Roofs


With metal roofing in place, you won’t have to keep the AC running continually during hot summer months. This will save you hundreds of dollars on utility bills. Nonetheless, it will take time to start reaping the cost-saving benefits; hence patience is advised.


Metal roofing has a lifespan of about 60 years. It is this longevity that lets you enjoy the cost-savings from reduced utility bills. They are also low on maintenance, and you will probably never have to incur the cost of installing a new roof again, hence helping you regain the initial investment.


It’s a great thing to reap significant benefits while conserving the environment. Metal roofs will let you do that as they can be recycled once you no longer need them and do not contribute to landfill sites.

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