Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house – it is a main barrier between you and the outside world. If your roof is poorly constructed or improperly maintained, your home may be susceptible to elemental damage. Metal roofing provides protection that other roofing materials cannot, adding curb appeal and improving energy efficiency for your home.

At AMT Metal Roofing, we use the most beautiful and durable metal tiles and standing seam roofing systems on the market. With metal roofing, you can rest assured that you will not have to face the many problems that other roofing systems are plagued with.

Common Roofing Problems

Ice Dams and Snow Overload

A well-made roof should not have any ice hanging over the bottom edges.  Ice dams form when snow melts and freezes along the bottom edge of the roof, allowing water to pool and backup beneath shingles. This water can then trickle between the seams of your walls and roof, causing all kinds of damage. If a roof is not built adequately, it can also be vulnerable to snow overload. Pressure from excess snow on the roof can cause it to bow, which creates the risk of complete roof collapse.

Ice dams on the roof

Poor Energy Efficiency

Improperly installs roofs obviously cannot do their job like they are supposed to. If your roof does not have adequate ventilation or insulation, there can be extreme thermal transfer between the attic space and the temperature-controlled air in the rest of your home. This means that the heating and/or cooling systems must work even harder to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. The harder they work…the higher your energy bills go.

The type of shingles and their color also have a significant impact on energy efficiency. Dark roofs tend to absorb more heat than lighter colored ones, especially if they are made from materials like asphalt. The more heat that is absorbed, the more is transferred to the underside of your roof deck and ultimately to your attic. Hot attics can shorten the life span of shingles and can create moisture problems, as well (sauna effect).

Mold and Mildew Growth

The presence of unwanted moisture in your home, whether from a leaky roof or a hot and sweaty attic, can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. A mold problem is a serious problem and needs to be dealt with immediately to mitigate health risks.


Issues with Traditional Roofing Materials

Most homes may have shingled roofs, as shingling has been a standard roofing practice for many years, but that does not mean that it is the superior choice. In fact, shingles come with an array of potential problems and pitfalls.

Common shingles roofing problems

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles generally only last somewhere between 8 and 15 years before they require replacement. So, they may appear to be a budget friendly option initially, but the replacement costs can add up. Asphalt shingles are also susceptible to burning, cracking, curling and rotting – clogging eaves and downspouts as they deteriorate. Each year, approximately 11 million tons of waste from asphalt shingles is taken to landfills!

Rubber/PVC Coated Shingles

The freshly painted look of rubber shingles looks sharp at first, but with time and exposure to the elements they quickly begin to fade. Precipitation and moisture in the air causes rubber shingles to peel, flake, and rot. The aesthetic of your home’s exterior soon diminishes with each weathered shingle, decreasing its overall value.

The Solution

Metal roofing provides solutions to many of the problems associated with other roofing methods and materials. Metal roofing tiles are characterised by their strength, impenetrability, and durability.  When installed properly, they provide any residential or commercial building with a clean and elegant look that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Metal roofing tiles are composed of several layers of the highest quality materials. Their multi-layer design includes cold-rolled steel, zinc, polymer coating and primer layers.

Metal Tiles Layers

There are two different metal roofing tile profiles available at AMT Metal Roofing – Monterrey and Adamante. The Monterrey tile is our most popular option, as it has a low profile that closely resembles the look of a clay tile. The Adamante has a slightly different look that is sure to highlight your home’s unique and beautiful style. Metal roofing tiles are available in a variety of colors, ensuring that all your design needs are met.

Metal tiles

Characteristics of The Standing Seam System

For those who are looking for an ultra modern look, or for buildings with a low sloped roof design, the Standing Seam metal roofing system is the preferred choice. The beauty of the Standing Seam system is that you are not limited by length, shape, thickness, or profile of the panels.

Standing seam metal roofing

It provides a sleek and modern look to residential or commercial/industrial buildings. The Standing Seam panels are available as either snap-locking or mechanical-locking. The self-locking profile is just that – panels are joined together without the need for mechanical seaming. The mechanical-locking profile panels are joined with a mechanical seamer and utilizes a hidden clipping system. Standing Seam panels are also available in a wide array of colors.

Heat Reflection

Metal roofing tiles are far superior in comparison to asphalt shingles when it comes to heat reflection. Studies conducted by the Florida Solar Commission found that up to 70% of heat is reflected by metal! As mentioned before, the more heat that is reflected away from your roof, the less likely there is for thermal transfer to occur. According to research from the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, this could translate to approximately 40% savings on your energy bills in the summer. Savings like that are significant! They also found that emissive metal roofs can reduce urban air temperatures up to 7˚C.


The installation process for metal roofing is distinct from other roofing methods. Proper installation is essential to ensure that your roof will last against the elements and the test of time, like it should.

Ridge and Full-Deck Ventilation

Adequate ventilation plays an essential role in allowing air to circulate freely through your attic. Continuous air circulation protects against moisture build-up and extreme thermal transfer, which will in turn lower your winter heating and summer cooling bills. Reducing thermal transfer also prevents the formation of ice dams, as the attic temperature is kept more stable. At AMT, when we install our metal roofing systems, we also employ the use of double wood strapping across the roof deck to ensure that there is full deck ventilation, along with the ridge ventilation. Full deck ventilation is up to 3 times more effective than conventional roof vents. All of our roof ventilation systems are also protected with a hermetic sponge and vent tape to block animals, insects, dust and other small particles from entering.

Roof Heat Distribution

Between a highly efficient ventilation system, the reflective properties of metal, and the unique composition of the metal tiles and standing seam panels, proper roof heat distribution can be achieved. With heat being distributed properly, you reduce (or even eliminate) the risk of your attic overheating and allowing moisture to build-up. As you have already heard, where there is moisture there is also likely mold. Lessening the chance of mold growth means better air for you and your family to breathe.

Roof Heat Distribution

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Aside from metal roofing’s ability to mitigate most of the common roofing problems previously discussed, there are also many other advantages to metal roofing. With metal roofing you can expect:

  1. A 50-year pro-rated warranty on your investment,
  2. Low life cycle cost with a maintenance free experience,
  3. Resistance to hail, fire, and wind (up to 195 km/h),
  4. Reduced insurance premiums,
  5. Increased property value, and
  6. A 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly product.


An efficient roofing system does more than protect your home or business from the elements. With AMT Metal Roofing’s unique roofing systems, you are provided with superior solutions to the many problems that afflict traditional roofing methods. Your building is sure to have improved energy efficiency, enhanced curb appeal, and protection from damage. Contact AMT Metal Roofing today to begin planning your investment for a new roof on your Edmonton or Toronto home or business.